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Unlike most companies that simply hand you a list of installers, (simultaneously washing their hands of responsibility and forcing you to make a snap, uninformed decision) we build our pools.  This provides us with more than a few advantages over the competition: No Liability Confusion      You are dealing with one company.  You won't be caught between a pools sales company and an independent installer.  Our installation department is insured by a 2 million dollar Commercial Liability Insurance Policy and an additional 2 million dollar Excess Liability insurance policy. Your installed pool is covered under a comprehensive workmanship warranty.   Delivery of Pool Components      Unlike some companies that drop ship by common carrier, we deliver our own pool components to the pool site and not curbside.  We also supply the necessary pool base and concrete products required for a professional installation of your pools superstructure. Quality Control      Our installation department is a division of Eagle Pool & Spa.  Our installers are trained professionals with years of experience. Peace of Mind      We have over 43 years of experience in the construction of our above ground and semi-in ground swimming pools.  Our quality control is unsurpassed from beginning to completion. Excavation of Site      We handle the necessary preparation of the pool site for a flat bottom, semi-in ground and deep-end style pool. Professional Assembly      We handle the necessary preparation of the pool site for a flat bottom, semi-in ground and deep-end style pools.
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Eagle Pool & Spa Standard Installation: Free delivery of pool components. Excavation to grade (Figures A and B above):  Level site up to and including 8”.  Add $25 for every inch over 8”. Full size concrete patio blocks to support the pool super structure.  Poured concrete footers, at an additional cost, may be necessary for excavations of 33” or more.  (such as figure B above) Excavation Below Grade (Figures C and D above):  The costs of these types of semi-in ground excavation are determined by the depth of excavation, size and shape of the pool and are priced accordingly. As per manufacturer specifications, poured concrete footers are used for excavations of 33” or more.  (Figure C and D above) Non-abrasive bar sand base is supplied for under the pool liner, giving the best possible liner fit.      Professional assembly of the pool by Eagle Pool & Spa installers. Pool liner is vacuum fitted during installation for a custom fit. Assembly of purchased pool accessories, including ladders and installation of underwater pool lights. Pool cartons stacked.
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